Thinking Fast, and Slow……About Tax.

  “You know, ‘Why? Why?’ and that was a very (again, in my way of seeing America) a very American finger-snapping question. I did something magnificent and mysterious and I got a practical ‘Why?’ And the beauty of it is that I didn’t have any ‘why’.” – Philippe Petit, Man on Wire (2008) There isContinue reading “Thinking Fast, and Slow……About Tax.”

Capital in the Twenty First Century. And Tax.

Because something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mister Jones? – Ballad of a Thin Man, Highway Revisited, 1965 Qui dit étude dit travail, Qui dit taf te dit les thunes, Qui dit argent dit dépenses, Qui dit crédit dit créance, Qui dit dette te dit huissier… Alors onContinue reading “Capital in the Twenty First Century. And Tax.”