Setu Kamal LLM (Tax)


Setu is a tax barrister of 15 years’ call. He advises and represents on all matters pertaining to income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, SDLT and inheritance tax liability.

In light of recent developments in international law, it has become apparent that a very large number of taxpayers may have effectively volunteered tax in circumstances where in fact no liability to tax had in fact arisen at all. In many cases, taxpayers or their advisors appear to have been incognisant of the interaction of international law with domestic tax laws. Else, they have simply discounted the possible application of these international laws to their facts without a full appreciation of the width of these laws.

Setu is presently involved with an initiative which seeks to secure damages for taxpayers who have paid tax in circumstances where there was no liability, including on a conditional fee basis where better-suited to the needs of the client.

He may be engaged or approached by a member of the public directly, whether in relation to the matters described above or otherwise.